Anybody know what these components are called

ive exploded some batteries and theyve corroded the comprtment tht holds them as well as the little pieces behind the battery cradle when you open it up, even the little wire is all dangly due to corrosion. the rest of the organelle is fine ive tried cleaning it but ideally id like to replace the pieces to try to fix it but i have no idea what its called please help <3

Hi - that is too bad! The components are battery tabs. The second and third photos show that the black component has been removed from the circuit board - yikes. We will respond to your email.

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much appreciated i am looking forward to it!

Hi - we sent an email reply on Thursday Feb 9 shortly after my previous reply here. Maybe it is in your spam folder?

hi chris
there is only garbage in my spam. :0could you tell me what you said in an email attached to this one please