Anyone using two Organelles?

I have an opportunity to pick up a second Organelle M locally. Is anyone using two of these? Is that overkill?

I’m obviously biased here (:wink:) but with two Organelles you can do setups like this:

I don’t have another but I want one. The Organelle is already a super powerful device by itself but I’ve heard that you can flash an SD card with the EYESY operating system and stick it into an Organelle to have an EYESY minus the composite output. I’ve never tried it myself but I think you can find a post on the forum about it. You could use one as an effects box and take advantage of the vast number of programs available or even as a second host for Orac. Critter and Guitari definitley have a lot of content showcasing the possibilites with two

I use two. One original and one M. I also use a couple of Pisounds, which is a good alternative, though handy having the screen. Not a fan of Orac of systems in which everything is generated internally, like the OP1.
I use the original for generating and the M for fx. For live performance it is essential having a MIDI controller of some sort as the 4 knobs are limiting also by the fact they are knobs and not encoders. You don’t want playing catch up to a value when performing.

the only thing better than having one is having more than one.