Are there issues using Orac 2.0 in the Organelle vs the Organelle M

I was looking into getting an Organelle but the 6 year time gap makes me think not getting the Organelle M would just be a was of money is this true since most of my focus is on programing and Orac 2.o

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If you’re going to be focusing on Orac then I would highly recommend getting the M.

It will give you more headroom in terms of processing power and that’s really the limiting factor you’ll encounter otherwise.

I have the M and find it’s still possible to max out it’s capacity to handle Orac, because some modules are just really resource hungry and other times I want to run it like a pedal board with 12 effects on the go at once.

All the other hardware additions on the M are super useful too.


I believe it’s a $100 dollar price difference and for the extra $100 you get an option of AA battery power In addition to the 9v plugin, a built in speaker (that was louder than I thought it’d be), a built in microphone in addition to the line in that you’d have to plug a mic into if you wanted to record things, 3.5 mm midi in and out jacks, I’m not sure what else there is for differences probably some In the storage/hardware specs but I don’t know but yeah I’m my opinion well worth the extra money.