Other synths with the Organelle

I’ve said this on another thread but the more I use the Organelle, the more I feel I need another synth to take advantage of its full potential (or maybe another Organelle ;)). I’m curious as to what other gear people are using with it, given all the connectivity possibilities we have.

For example, I’ve been using a Roland 707 to sequence the punchy patch so it allows me to play the arpeggios in perfect tempo, which was something I couldn’t do when I triggered them manually on the keyboard.


op-1! Organelle’s best friend imo
Not a lot of stuff works well for midi with the op, since u need a USB host

But the organelle will just work with it
All sort of fun possibilities
And they look nice together


i am going to pair the Organelle with the SHBOBO and see what shakes


The OP-1 sequencers and arps triggering the organelle is bliss I can get lost for days in that combo. The sounds of each synth is distinct and makes for a Timbre and end mix

Anyone using Korg Volcas connected to the Organelle?

i often pair volca fm with mine


I just ordered one myself, looking forward to test them both together!

I’d also love an OP-1 but it’s way too expensive. :unamused:

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I just got one of these to bridge the gap with some stuff that needs a host
Cheap and works a treat!

My usual setup if i’m doing evolving arpeggio’d ambient stuff is using pickup machines and the sequencer on the Elektron Octatrack with various patches on the Organelle. A really nice combo. Not ever had a go on an OP-1 but would like to, it was a choice between that and organelle for me and went with organelle cause it seemed more flexible in terms of sounds. OP-1 looks super fun though. I’ve got a sub Pocket Operator which is ace as a portable fun unit, i bet the OP-1 is the same vibe but even better.
Has anyone ever had a go on a Squarp Pyramid Sequencer and can report on it’s aceness?

i traded other gear for organelle, volca, and op-1 around the same time last yr

it’s worth the price imo but price kept me away until recently (also made it easier to sell when i needed cash for something else)

Some dual sequencer action OP-1 sequencer driving various synth patches in the Organelle:

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i know this may be old but i am selling a Volca Bass and a Volca keys which i will let go cheap to a forum member. Just hit me up in a PM if people are hunting and don’t want to spend a fortune



A couple of weeks ago I might have hit you up for that Volca Keys, but I got one in the meantime!