Arranging Scene Order?

Hi! I just got the ETC a few weeks ago and have been really loving it. I’m planning to use it for live shows and was curious if anyone knows if there is a way to change the order of your already saved scenes?

Or is the only way to create a “set list” of scenes to just create them in the order you want?

Thank you!!! Sorry if this question has already been covered, I couldn’t find it anywhere!

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there is a file called Scenes.csv in /usbdrive
it contains lines like

S - Three Scopes,0.6627565982404692,0.37438905180840665,0.6490713587487781,1.0,0.42424242424242425,True
S - X Scope,0.5972629521016618,0.7526881720430108,0.9599217986314761,1.0,0.42424242424242425,True
S - Floating Ball-Trails,0.2873900293255132,0.18963831867057673,0.5943304007820137,0.7702834799608993,1.0,False

just move the lines around without altering them :slight_smile:

for reference, I think the values are:
scene name, param 1 to 4, background colour, auto clear


Thank you!!