What messages are the buttons on the etc?


dear community,
i am bass player in a band and would like set the trigger and the clear BG, also the scene changes to my footcontroller. i cannot find any informations in the manual.
do you have any idea?


Are you asking about using your MIDI foot controller?
This is covered in the manual: http://etctv.io/#ETC’s_MIDI_Configuration

  • Set trigger: send any MIDI note
  • Clear background (AKA Auto Clear Toggle): Send MIDI Note 127
  • Change Scenes: Program change messages received by ETC switch to the scene specified by the message’s value. So if a program change message with a value of 1 is received, ETC will switch to its first stored scene, and a program change message with value 4 would switch to the fourth scene, etc.


thanks chrisk,
the midi note doesnt behave like the trigger button (vel 127) on the etc. you know this super punch effect will not appear.
and i am looking for the moving scenes “backward and forward” button -
to make nice glides between scenes when the clear background is off.
and…maybe the save delete function.
do you have any idea?