Automatically moving between modes/scenes?

Hi all, I am a total noob to the etc having just bought one as a step forward from my c and g video scope…

I am looking for a way to have the etc move through all the modes or scenes currently loaded by changing them every X (X can be every specified time… Ie every 20seconds, every X triggers on the audio input … For instance every 16 triggers or every so many midi clock ticks…)

Basically I need to set and forget this etc like I used to on the videos cope but have it display more than just the one mode (or have to remember to use the toggle switches or a foot switch) … I’m guessing I’m. Missing something right?

Thanks for the noob help


You could do that with a sequencer sending a pcm by MIDI every 20 sec if you want to.
CF official manual :

"Program Change Messages

Program change messages received by ETC switch to the scene specified by the message’s value. So if a program change message with a value of 1 is received, ETC will switch to its first stored scene, and a program change message with value 4 would switch to the fourth scene, etc.

If no scenes are stored on ETC, then these program change messages will similarly map to the loaded modes. So a program change message with value 1 would switch to the first mode, 9 to the ninth mode, etc."

thanks for the reply,

That is an option, but I wondered if anyone knows a way to do something like this without having to carry an external sequencer just for this task (I make my music with audio loops so there isn’t one in my rig at the moment)

I was ruminating on the thought that it may be possible to append say, ten of the existing modes that I like to have some extra code to say after so many seconds, move to the next mode ( or even better, move to a RANDOM mode)

I don’t know if this is even possible, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has gone down this road.



I wonder if you could control scene switching with a click track or cv into the foot switch…

I am also interested in this. I didn’t see anything in the API that would allow it but I wonder if creating a Mode with other selectable Modes inside is possible…

Beside the usage program change

I think the best way would be to add trigger inputs for the various buttons on the hardware side.
Basically it shouldn’t be too difficult. You usually can either use CMOS-switches like CD4016 for that or - even mor simple - use a transistor over the switch (like in

I haven’t check the hardware for that, but I want to do this in the near future.


Found a “sort of” work around… The ehx eight step… It accepts. Midi and kicks out cv which can activate the foot switch button… It can be set to sub divisions too


I did a short test: it basically workes fine, but the solder work is extremely difficult - especially removing the protecting finish from the fine traces without touching the next traces is nothing for the weak hearted.

Just a heads up I have been working with the very patient guy over at retrokits and we have been able to come up with a firmware that can be preloaded onto one of his RK-002 cables and work right from. The box via bus power to action random auto scene switching every X bars.

This isn’t a paid endorsement in any way but I can’t say enough how generous with his time he was whilst I bumbles through my needs for this cable