Arturia Keystep Pro sequencer/arpeggiator + Organelle problem

I recently picked up an Organelle and I’m currently using the Arturia Keystep Pro as a midi controller. The problem is that whenever I use the sequencer or the arpeggiator, every time a note is played it progressively becomes higher or lower pitched. Here’s a video of what I’m talking about:

For the record, I’m using USB-MIDI to connect the two together and the Arturia’s clock is set to internal.

USB midi has been very hit or miss between the Organelle and the Keystep Pro (mostly miss it seems like, even though they’re both class compliant there have been many issues between the two, something to do with Arturia not developing for Linux based devices). If you have an Organelle M, I would utilize TRS Midi. If you have the original Organelle, you probably need to purchase a Midi-USB converter.

Thanks for the reply, I actually ordered a MIDI-TRS cable the other day and it’s supposed to arrive in the next day or two, so I’m hoping that solves the issue

Update: my MIDY-TRS cable arrived today, and my Organelle simply isn’t even reading the trs input for whatever reason. Gotta say, this is pretty frustrating.

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Yeah that sounds frustrating.

There are two standards for midi trs.

The organelle uses type a.

The keystep uses type b.

So you’ll need a lead that handles that.

Or a converter.

I’ve got a converter on the way right now. The strange thing though, is that the Waterfall Up/Waterfall Down patches work with the sequencer/arpeggiator just fine for some reason? I think it has something to do with Organelle’s built in sequencer since that’s the only patch I’ve used that doesn’t have use the organelle’s sequencer.

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