Organelle + Arturia Keystep

Hi there,

I’m using the Arturia Keystep to control my Organelle and it works fine while playing notes and chords.
But when it comes to use the Keystep sequencer or the arpeggiator the notes go down to the lowest octave possible and then up to the higher possible, even though the Keystep is not programmed to do that.
Anyone facing a similar problem? Any ideas on what could be causing this?


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Thought I’d avoid starting a new thread.

Did you manage to get this resolved @habacuque?

I’m thinking of picking the keystep up myself, I’d like a midi keyboard and the sequencer looks useful.

Is anyone using one with the Organelle? Does the sequencer work with any patch, eg could I sequence the Mellowtron patch for example? Same with the arpeggiator?

Just trying to guage if it works with the Organelle and if it’s my best option, the above comment is making me think twice :grimacing:

Which patches are you using it on? @habacuque
The organelle will only play midi note numbers it is being sent.
Having trouble understanding exactly what you mean, could you post a video?

@fyoosh i wanted to chime in to say that I have never had an issue as described above using the keystep with my Organelle. A few patches here and there don’t have any midi implementation (usually older user patches), but the ones that do all the sequencer/ arp functions work for me.


Thanks for this @friender, that’s what I was hoping to hear.

The dream of using the arp on the Juno 104 patch is still alive, 80’s nostalgia here I come!

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sorry to be barging in here years later, but can someone explain to me how you connect the Arturia Keystep as a sequencer to the Organelle (m if that helps)? thanks in advance!

i’ve been facing a similar issue.
On few patches, i think the keystep send midi notes but it seems it didn’t for note on & off.
And that particularly with sequencer patches such as Polybeats and on Orac modules.
I’ve plugged the keystep on the organelle m on usb, then the organelle sequences an external synth via midi din. In this configuration I can send notes to the synth from the keystep through the organelle. And this works on patches which aren’t based on clock. But when i try with a sequencer patch it plays double notes or just the attack of the sound (can’t sustain the note).

Maybe this issue is related to the midi switch on the back of the keystep, but i think i tried every position without this issue being solved.

Hope someone will find out…

Thanks !

The stuck note issue appears across multiple Arturia devices when interacting with Linux based systems.

Arturia does not support Linux and for whatever reason this leads to note off messages being lost somewhere along the line.

There are other threads talking about this issue and I have it with a Minilab mk2.

Thanks Syntheist
Bad news but now I know I’ve to use others controllers.
Maybe it could be a good idea to mention this future buyers.

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I am having the same problem. It only happens with the original critter & guitari patches, in which the octaves of a sequence jump up and down. Also when I try to live record while the sequence is running it has very weird behaviour including sometimes just stopping the sequence completely. It’s quite weird to me that it doesn’t happen in non-critter patches! I was thinking maybe since those have a more elaborate sequencer built in it could be that the key step triggers the shift function such as octave up and down. But it’s really frustrating and takes away so much functionality! :(((

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same issue here sending midi from monome norns