Audio but not MIDI trigger

So far I’ve had a lot of fun with the Eyesy and the audio trigger works great. I am testing some stuff with MIDI, and for some reason, I am seeing Audio still being recognized as a trigger even when MIDI is selected. Playing MIDI directly into Eyesy in this example is giving me no trigger. The manual trigger button works fine.

See attached pict made with Audio (not MIDI) playing through, triggering a stock program. I’ve been through the manual a couple times on this and wonder what am I missing. It’s as if the program doesn’t accept MIDI and just defaults to Audio. Not a channel issue, just that it’s grabbing Audio when I am telling it to grab MIDI.

Audio will still be recognized even if the trigger source is MIDI Notes…EYESY can generate visuals from an audio stream or a trigger event (or both). The factory modes are loosely divided into scope modes and trigger modes. So if you are in a scope mode, and it looks like that what is in your picture, you are visualizing the audio input (i.e. trigger source doesn’t matter). You can also check using the on screen display to verify the trigger source is working as expected.

OK, I think I get it now. I’ve got MIDI working on another sketch.

And I can see where audio and MIDI are working together. From that screen where you hold Shift to select the input options (sensitivity, source, channel) it’s not 100% clear that you can get audio and MIDI together. It reads like only one or the other is available. But I can see on the HUD that both are allowed. So just a usability note there. This could be a bit more clear.

Works great once you figure that out!