Eyesy Audio Trigger via Mic (Resolved)

Hello everyone, I just got the Eyesy and having a very difficult time triggering movements via the audio 1/4 in input. I’m using a dynamic microphone, trying to trigger it with a full rock band, drums, electric guitar and electric bass. I have already set the audio input to the highest setting… Getting frustrated since it isn’t working as I was expecting it. Thanks

If you are using a dynamic mic to trigger, first check that you are getting good input level. Use the On-Screen-Display button to check the input level with the mic. Then make sure the trigger source is set to ‘audio’ using the shift key. Now you can check the On-Screen-Display again, and when audio input is around 60% (trigger threshold), you should see the trigger box light up yellow.

You might need to adjust input level (using shift key) to achieve different results. But more importantly the visual result will depend on what the sound input is. A full mix (band) coming in on the mic will be triggering all the time, and might seem random. So you can try applying the mic to individual sources (like a bass drum) for different results.

Thanks for your pointers I really appreciate it. Actually I have the mic pointed at my guitar amp so I’m not getting a full band mix. I did check however the on-screen display level and it was very high and maxed out at times… Trigger source has already been set to audio.

My problem were actually two problems… 1st a bad mic cable. 2nd added a DI box between the mic and the Eyesy. Works like a charm now…

Problem solved, thank you!!!

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I am really interested in buying a EYESY, I’ve been waiting for it since ETC has been discontinued.
I also want to use it with my band, mostly like @Telemann, we have keyboards and vocals in addition.
It would be great if it would be possible to use EYESY in live condition, i.e. during a gig.
There are tons of demonstration videos out there, but none of them with a full rock band playing.
There are some with just an instrument (for example a drum kit) but this is completely different with a full band playing with sound overlapping.

It would be possible to use EYESY in that condition in some way?
@oweno Did you have any experience with or do you have any tips?
I suppose that I could use a dynamic mic, as you suggested on the bass drum, but there might still be a payback of the other instruments.
I’m worried it might triggering all the time, I’ve had experience in the past with some DIY device and it was very difficult to isolate a single instrument.
Of course a directional mics and adjust input level could help on that.
On the other hand, it could be needed to have a second instrument input, for example because bass drum doesn’t play all the time and it would be nice if the visual didn’t stop in those moments, so you may want to add the snare or the guitar, if it’s reasonable by mixing them in one single channel (with a simple mixer?).
If that would be possibile, it could be useful to have some little specs detail about the 1/4 Stereo Audio Input interface.

In any case it’s worth buying, you have done an amazing job!
Thanks in advance!

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if you’ve got a mixer that can run separate outputs you could just run the kick drum channel out a send and into Eyesy. I’ve got a really simple Yamaha mixer for our acoustic duo and I’ve been running the monitor outs to Eyesy. I can’t separate the bass and guitar channels with this mixer, but I can on my Allen&Heath qu-pac.

I think I’ll try running the subwoofer-out channel tonight and have more control from the bass. the guitar really makes Eyesy go wild. (and in a good way)