Audio Interface & Mac Laptop

I can’t find anywhere and I broke mine!

A major shortage would be an understatement!

here’s one in the wild… :wink:

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In addition to the link above, I’d like to suggest that your next post involve determining whether and how your broken Organelle can be repaired.

(As there is frequently more demand than supply these days, that would seem to be worth looking into.)

Thanks so much! Just bought it really appreciate the info!

After a gig my Organelle was run over with a car. It looked like a pancake:( I was so pissed off I chucked it. I really should have taken a picture. Sadly no repair it is in Organelle heaven.



Other than that, how was your gig?

Thanks for asking. Show was cut short. Apple has a major issue that they can’t solve with their new laptops. Running an audio interface using USB will cause major major random issues. Not bad for a 4000.00 dollar computer. The audio starts to bit crush and loose sync. Really experimental sounding though. Go apple! Can’t even run audio :grimacing: it is also intermittent. The little we did play it went well! People were super supportive on multiple reboots and were shouting out advice to fix the computer quite funny. Thanks for asking :slight_smile: Lesson learned. So to all beware! The fix is to get a thunderbolt audio interface. I got the MOTU 8A it’s really small, they have stellar support, 16 inputs or 192 if you go digital!


Apple Fixed this. I worked with upper level programmers because i called in like 4 times and was going to return a new Laptop because of it. It had to do with the security chip and a USB2 audio device [mine was a MOTU hybrid] It started in january and was finally fixed in the april mojave update.

That’s wonderful news!! MOTU said there was another issue that third party audio drivers could get blocked for some people and you would need to manually give it permission again. I haven’t experienced this but fingers crossed it doesn’t happen in a show. It’s very strange I think apple stopped having artists test their computers. It’s obvious with all the issues they most likely have lab rats sending computers out without actually testing real world applications. Anyway that gives me hope thanks!!

i literally went from NOT using my ableton setup and only using my desktop to 3 hours sessions w/o a glitch.
i am on mojave 10.14.5 but it was addressed in .3 and i double checked it for the new update and it’s rock solid [caveat: with Motu]

ok! Thats amazing news very happy about that!!! :wink: