No sound on startup - preowned Organelle

I may be worrying unnecessarily but thought it might be worth asking.

I recently purchased a 2nd hand Organelle M from Reverb. I’ve barely scratched the surface.

It took some creativity to put it in an effects loop using my ZOOM L12, which doesn’t have any effect sends, but once I figured that out I was cooking.

Today, after I started up I wasn’t getting any sound from the effect return. I assumed something was off with the mixer but it turned out the Organelle wasn’t outputting any sound. The meter showed a healthy input but no output, not from the speaker either when I turned that on. The synths were dead too.

Turning it off then back on fixed the problem, but it left me concerned since this is a 2nd hand instrument.

Does this kind of thing happen occasionally?

Sounds like a patch related problem more than a hardware issue…

None of the patches had any output. I tried changing patches. It was not making any sounds period until I rebooted.

It could still be a software problem. It might be a good idea to re-install the OS by burning a new SD card, especially since you got it second hand. Make sure you back up anything that you have on the card, then follow the instructions here

Perhaps I’d best do that. Today when I turned it on it went through the normal blue flickering lights then glowed a dull green and never booted up. Unplugging it didn’t fix the issue. Had to remove the batteries then it did fine once plugged back in.

This is a little distressing so I hope a new OS does the trick.

This is probably obvious but since I’ve never dealt with this OS before, If backing up the contents of the card can I just download the entire contents to my hard drive them upload them again as a folder, not files needing to be unzipped, or do I have to go through the whole upload / unzip routine again?

You can only download or upload single files, not folders, so you have to zip folders before downloading (or uploading).