Output/Input Jacks broken?

I have my Organelle since a few weeks now and everything was perfect till I turned it on today and no sound would come out of the 1/4 Mono Outs anymore, eventhough the display shows an Output level. So I tried another Cable, another channel on my Mixer and the headphone out. But still no sound coming out. When I put a mic into the input, there is no input level showing on the display anymore. So I assume all the Jacks broke down over night?
Has anyone else experienced a similar situation. Is it possible that this is a software problem, that can be fixed by myself (I already reinstalled the patches, but nothing happend) or do I have to send it back and cry, till I get a new one?

Hope that someone can help me,

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What about the headphone jack? I assume this doesn’t work too?

Unfortunately it sounds like a hardware problem, like the audio hardware has stopped working for some reason. Pd is running and producing sound because you can see it on the output level.

Do you use the Organelle with a mouse and keyboard (to do work on patches)? There is a couple things you can check, like using the alsamixer command from the terminal, or checking the audio device in Pd.

My input jack is also broken. I haven’t tried to correct it in Pd yet. I honestly haven’t even tried using Pd yet. Really hope there is a fix soon

@claudesternum I replied to your email.

I just got it. I’ll send it next week since I’m using it for a show Saturday (don’t need the input then)

I tested mine for the first time today and no output from 1/4 mono out No. 2. I switched cables - nothing. So I rebooted and audio out has worked fine since. Audio input works fine.

I’m getting low and/or unequal output from both 1 and 2 using certain patches, but I guess signals vary depending on what parameters are being altered.

Hi @leonid & @habacuque,

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Organelles. We aim to avoid this by thoroughly testing each part of the Organelle before shipment.

Please contact us directly so that we can remedy the situation:


I’m also experiencing a problem with my right mono out. At first I thought it was a problem with my mixer but after tracing through the signal path, swapping cables and swapping mixer channels has confirmed that the issue is with the Organelle. Works perfectly when I connect the mixer to the headphones out on the Organelle. I’m tempted to open it up and see if there is a dry joint or something daft but I think I’d better contact the guys first.

I am feeling very stupid. The issue I am having with my Organelle is in fact me. I had mistakenly plugged the sound out plugs into the right mono output socket AND the IN L/R socket on the Organelle, missing out the left mono output socket altogether!

Seeing as this is the first time I used the sockets (having previously only used the headphone socket) I just connected the Organelle up incorrectly. Rest assured that I won’t make that mistake again! LOL

I’m just glad that my Organelle is, in fact, working perfectly. DOH!

Hello @Leonid
how do you solved the problem?
i having the same problems

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