Audio pass thru Audio In all the time, possible?

May I know is it possible to enable Organelle to pass thru the signal from Audio In in every patches? The picture below is my rig:

KeyStep control both Volca FM & Organelle. Currently if I want the Volca FM sings I would choose effect processor patches on Organelle (i.e. Granular Freezer), It would be great if I can make the sound thru even in ‘sound source’ patches, so I don’t need a external console mixer to do the job.


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Yes, it’s possible and even simple. There is another post that explains it but all you do is tie the audio in directly to the audio out.


This thread explains how to do it . It even has a screen cap of what you add in Pd …


That’s the one! Couldn’t find it, thanks for posting it :slight_smile:

Thank you @mmarsh and @familyraccoonpt!

how much latency does this introduce? Has anyone measured it?

hello @familyraccoonpt ! this is extremely helpful. just to clarify: if i go to each patch and just replace the main.pd with the download you included then the thru will work on every patch? is it just that simple? thanks so much in advance!

@monsieurtopu that will not work as ‘main.pd’ files are not the same and are patch-specific.

Please add the following four objects to any patches you want to monitor:


i didn’t notice any latency @korhanerel