Does Organelle have the ability to record the audio that's playing on it (loopback)?

I am wondering if this is possible. If it is then maybe we can create some sort of tape track recording like the OP-1. It could also be a way to layer the audio of patches on top of each other without the need for ORAC. Although it would require the ability to overdub, a way to differentiate the tape playing vs the audio since you wouldn’t want to rerecord the tape onto the tape itself.

In theory I guess this would be possible but I would imagine it would take some serious Pure Data/programming wizardry. I know there is the Capture patch by electrafa and it might be able to be reworked to play back audio and overdub on top but its not obvious to me at the moment how you would do that but it would be a good place to start

Well maybe these?

I think OP was hoping for a way to layer audio from different patches on top of each other? Not exactly getting a 4 track patch which is capable of looping external audio

I’ve occasionally wondered if there is a way for another process in the OS to have access to the audio buffers at the last stage before output on the Organelle, kind of like the functionality of the Audio Hijack app for macOS. Using some kind of API, like ALSA or JACK maybe? That way it could always record and resample everything regardless of what is happening in PD.