audioIN becomes CC#

Hoping not to ask something already explaned…
Is any incoming audio signal (electric instrument amplified, not amplified, acoustic piezo, drum trigger, active or passive microphone, active or passive mixer output, send or aux etc…) accepted by the audio input? Can it be “gain-adjusted” inside the patch? Can it then be sent out as a continuous control to other machines?
A simple example: synth audioOut - organelle audioIN - patch converting audio volume to CC05 - usb - MIDIsynthIN
In this example the pitch of an oscillator inside a Nordlead is controlled by Organelle.

For the audio input, you might need a preamp depending on the source. The inputs are line level inputs, so some mics and pickups will work, others might need to be boosted.

the setup you are describing is definitely possible, but it sounds pretty specific so I don’t know if there is a patch out there that does something like this, so you will create it your self in Pd.

Would make a tremendous orac module