Audio Trigger Latency

I trigger my Eyesy from drums, using close mics (or drum machines). The mics go into a mixer, and out of the mixer into Eyesy. They trigger just fine, apart from there being very noticeable latency. For example, if I have just the kick drum as the audio trigger, it is very obviously out of time with the kick’s audio signal. So, you hear the kick drum through the PA system, but the visual changes are not in time. The changes are maybe 100ms at a guess. That’s quite a bit delay. Is there anything that can be done to speed up the latency? It currently isn’t usable because of this. Maybe there’s a firmware update that fixes this? I really hope so…

I’m pretty sure the latency is a limitation of the engine. Pygame and python in general aren’t known for performance. The open gl engine is probably snappier, but is a less ergonomic language imo.

Now if someone were to write an eyesy engine in Rust, I’ll bet it would feel almost instant :thinking::thinking::thinking: