Eyesy latency with ableton?

I am doing my first video with eyesy, using ableton to sequence it. Im using an operator synth and noticing that even if i have my notes quantised and being sent to eyesy via my audio interface, Eyesy visuals look behind the beat. If i use ableton track delay for the synth track being sent to eyesy, using -100ms makes it looks on beat, not behind the beat.

Im also sending controller information to eyesy and checked it by making some changes on quarter notes, and that does not look late so it seems like its just the audio from ableton triggering eyesy that looks late.

Or is it eyesy that has latency from when it receives audio to producing the visuals?

is this normal and expected?

so no one else seeing this? maybe its my settings.

I don’t own an EYESY but the ETC, and there it is the same (but worse, because the ETCs platform is slower). So yes: I’d say it is expected.

@clayc did you ever have any luck correcting this?

Only but using the track delay in ableton to push whole track forward or back. Are you seeing latency too?

Ya, I just figured out using the track delay to get it in time also. I was thinking about maybe buying a USB to Midi cable of some kind and just having the Eyesy on its own special midi device, instead of running midi from my audio interface that all my other synths and drum machines are running through.

Sorry, thats specifically regarding midi latency. For audio latency, I have seen some success holding shift and turning Knob 2, changing it to Audio instead of Midi.