Is it possible to make modes change automatically every few minutes or something?

Seems like it should be possible right.

yes its possible, if you look at, you will find a number of methods to change modes, e.g. next_mode(), prev_mode(), set_mode_by_index()

the question really is how to do you trigger these…
depending on your skills you could :

  • update all the modes you want to do this, by having some kind of timer
    (this is a pain, since it means altering mode code, but ok if your doing for a limited set)
  • update the main etc code , simply in the main loop have it switch… it already counts frames, so theres a starting pointing

as for adding to the released OS, guess it would be possible, but it would need some kind of UI, i.e. how do you tell ETC, that you want this behaviour or not, and the time interval… this is complicated a little since, there are no extra controls available, so would probably have to be done on the OSD some how.

an alternative to all the above, if your not into coding, is to use an external midi sequencer that can send program changes to change the mode.