ETC with Maschine

Hi, does anyone know why with NI Maschine the ‘program changes’ midi command works for Freeze on/off instead of changing modes/scenes?



Can you confirm you are not also sending MIDI Note 127 when you send Program Change messages?

Yes, i confirm. I use a rotary encoder and a simple Program Change mapping, confirmed by the software too. Everything else is working.

Do you have ‘Scenes’ saved? Do they differ only by the Auto-Clear toggle being On in one and Off in the other?

I wanted to program ‘program changes’ trough modes (the manual says if there are no scenes it scrolls trough modes), didn’t had scenes. In this case it doesn’t switch between the modes but activates/deactivates the auto clear function i guess. I saved some scenes and the ‘program change’ works for changing scenes. I had a scenario with modes only.

By the way, is there a way to connect only the software (without the midi controller) to the ETC, without a midi cable, using only some usb-usb cable?

Or via wireless midi with the wireless usb adapter to Ableton/Maschine? (i never tried this feature, just asking for possibilities to work with the ETC and a computer only)


I came back to report that after deleting the scenes file from the stick, everything works fine. I think something went wrong accidentally with that file, don’t really know … Now all modes/scenes are working great with program changes.

Thanks again for the fast replies!

Hi @anghel

Thanks for the update! Let us know if anything changes.