The JonasSynth

My first patch made in AUTOMATONISM, more information on patchstorage:

(Credit given to @ghostly606 for help with automatonism)


Cool, will check out when back home with Organelle over the weekend.

when you download it, it will give you the main.pd file (not the automatonism folder). I think you’re supposed to replace the it with original main.pd file in the automatonism folder, and put it on the organelle drive.

Hey @blackapple, thanks for putting this together! I’m trying to get my head around using Automatonism with the Organelle as well.

I left a note in the other Automatonism 2 thread about using the A2 patch as a fully featured template. Still trying to crack that nut :wink:

I would note that to get this patch to run, users need to copy/paste the entire ‘patch_editor_abs’ folder in the Jonas Synth patch folder. Then probably open the file and readjust any sliders and click the ‘save’ button in main.pd to save those states.

I’m also working on a little derivative patch from yours, which adds some delay (for fun) and tunes the oscillators a bit. I noticed the using the keyboard introduces some insane high frequency tones. Fun but I’m not sure why or how to control for it. Have you had any luck with different variations of the Automatonism Organelle Keyboard abstraction?

As for the Knobs, again I’m still learning but out of the box in Automatonism, seems there’s no way to label anything, huh?

It would also be cool to use the Aux button to trigger a note-on or hold type of function, but one step at a time.

Anyway, thanks for putting this together!

You can add your own, easy really even for a Pd noob like me.

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Since this is my first patch, this is probably not the best synth on my organelle. And there probably an easy way to mix pd vanilla with automatonism, to get polyphony and controls on the screen. anyway, thank for downloading!