Baby-jockey to ORAC

I use a variant of the baby-jockey and updated JOKER patch by shreeswifty (Baby-jockey) in ORAC caled slicer by thetechnobear ( which is my most used patch.

But I can’t get Slicer to replicate the same feeling as the baby-jockey patch. I’ve matched tempo settings and looking inside their main pd and Ive copied baby-jockeys settings into the slicer and it still doesn’t sound the same.

I do see the baby-jockey has more pd files than the Slicer. Is that because the module is handling unnecessary functions or have some parts been stripped?

Would be really appreciative if someone could help me transfer the baby-jockey patch to an ORAC module. Then the timing can be set the ORAC’s clock so I can edit the time…

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ehi fuzzy, i feel the same about and i use easteregg - - to play the wonderful baby jockey on orac (and after some initial troubles it works very fine). Also it is true that Slicer it’s not so “playable” with melodic parts but it is absolutely great for the rhythms. cheers

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so, i should point out I did not use baby-jockey as the starting point for slicer.
basically baby-jockey was a wrapper around externals made by Katja
see Slice//Jockey

so i implemented based on Katja’s code, and built up from there.

i think before i did this, i looked at the baby jockey code and realised that most of it was completely unnecessary in Orac, hence my approach.
e.g. i think it had filters, which Orac has as separate modules.

which brings us probably to the solution :slight_smile:
you probably do not need baby jockey to be ported, (and its certainly something i have no interest in :wink: ) - rather focus on functionality/sound that is different and determine if changes are required to slicer, or if it can be already achieved with other modules.
(e.g. i half remember a filter was used in baby jockey, so perhaps adding that to the chain will help get the sound you are after)

Hey okay I wasn’t aware, man that is impressive :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the slicer and have tried to a couple of ways to get a similar sound. But it sounds lke the baby-jockey is doing something different to the slicer.To me it sounds like each of the 4 slices in slicer repeat a phrase of what was last played where you can select between 1-8 places in that phrase with 0 being all of them randomised I think.Where the baby sounds to me like once you’ve recorded a phrase it doesn’t hold onto the same phrase as statically. Sounds like it continuously manages to re-sample the phrase by itself.

I’m thinking it could be emulated with modulated by an lfo but then the lfo sticks the same parametrs to all 4 slicers. I know Ican change to different busses but not sure if I have an lfo(m1) on bus 10 affecting slicer 1, if an lfo(m2) on bus 11 would affect slicer 2 or not. Need to understand the katjaas module more for now though.

Thanks for the heads up

Hey I saw thetechnobear mentioned eastereggs worked on the organelle only and assumed he meant organelle 1 only and not the M model. Which model do you have?

I tried SD / media / orac / usermodules / hack / easteregg and baby-jockey (with both module files from easteregg and re-named main.pd to patch.pd)

but it doesn’t seem to work for now which may be becuase I’m on the wrong organelle :slight_smile:

I subscribe to Fuzzy’s wish for baby-jockey on Orac. There’s something quite special about that patch that I can’t seem to replicate with the slicer. It sounds very organic.

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ehi fuzzy, i mean M version and actually easteregg on orac smorphagene works very well

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