based on the amazing DSP research of Katja Vetter i am overjoyed to present …baby jockey :slight_smile:

feed it a live audio stream and then press a few buttons for randomize slice points
and slice baby slice

this one should work on M and #organelle:organelle-1


Got some really nice sounds out of this one!

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i had great luck while writing it with drums

Don’t have my Organelle around atm, so can’t look for myself…

But does this sync to midi clock?

If not, I think I need to make an edit of the patch :wink:

Look forward to try it out, I love the Slice Jockey. This is exactly what I like to use the organelle for :slight_smile:

i already added MIDI clock to it

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That’s great. thanks :slight_smile:


I just watched a Video of Katja Vetter explaning her Slice Jockey Patch but I still have some organelle specific questions if you don’t mind.

  • Is it possible to change the Tempo on the organelle itself? Without using an externel midi controller?

  • when I press AUX a little plus in the right down corner appears. Can Someone tell me what this means/does?

  • I also didn’t get what the interupt button does.

Here is the Video:

Cheers, dom

Hi Dom, it looks like you have Capture (< 2.5) activated, the little + was the recording monitor at the time, Capture now doesn’t use the encoder + aux combination since 2.6 to avoid this known issue (after holding the encoder for 1sec to show the menu, pressing aux was starting recording, due to a bug from the OS*). You should update Capture but you will need a latch footswitch to use it… sorry about that :v:

  • : (edit) what i call an “OS bug” is : when pressing the encoder button [r encbut] receives a 1, but when the menu automatically closes, it doesn’t send back a 0, that’s why pressing aux only could start recording sometimes…
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Oh Thanks! I thought capture was off, because I did not activate it when I started my organelle. Thanks!

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Capture activation/desactivation setting stays when shutting down the Organelle, even if you remove batteries. :wink: