Back for the Attack

Hi Folks

Been in Global Game Jam hell for about two weeks, --every year there is a game competition [kind of like a 48 hour film festival and i was the coordinator for UCONN Stamford. We had the audio designer from Halo give a talk and it was all encompassing for about two weeks of my life.

Also i am giving a TedX talk this semester so people have been up my hiney for about a month :slight_smile:

So anyway i am checking in and after a few commissions that have been lingering since christmastime [thank everyone for being so patient] a grandma passing and some other shenanigans i can finally focus on my Pd again!

Patching on the organelle is kind of like a meditation for me so i have literally been out of sorts without some quiet time to just code in pd. And i have two sets of new patches – Modal Synths and Fluidflow~ which i am dying to share. Not to mention some fun new effects including a randomwave player that ping pongs and randomizes like you have never heard it’s cool and i have been jonesing to share these with everyone.

Tomorrow should be a fun day --coffee, cats and code



Can’t wait Patrick! :smiley:

Welcome back sir

Awesome! Looking forward to the effects!

Hi from Shree Labs

2018 roll-out is is about to start

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