Lets reward this man!

If any of you have been downloading user patches for the Organelle, you know who shreeswifty is. i recently hit him up for some commissioned patch work, and he made me an insane patch.

the dudes prolific and making our lives better and our Organelle’s even more amazing! lets reward this man!

i have his paypal shreeswifty@gmail.com

i’m sure he’d be stoked to receive any donations. lets keep this dude stoked and making more sweet patches!


I would love to afford a Korg Minilogue from this. I am not good at asking people for $$ so if you are feeling it I’d be honored. Not sure i am 100% with this, it could be fun or it could suck.

I agree, @shreeswifty brought much needed new life to this community! :slight_smile:


I’m in and happy to support this. :smiley:


I’m in as well, great idea

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Excellent idea! Will look at the Patreon options later today in more detail and sign up.

you guys/gals are fucking cool 3 people already i am getting excited :slight_smile:

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So this is what seems to be happening. And i am new to this so i don’t mean to be gauche but if you have a patch you dig or “this would be really great if…” especially if it’s one that has been posted so far on patch storage i can make you customized updates [based on organelle overhead of course] and tweak stuff for you and you get benefits of “Rewards” by throwing at the patreon thing. When/if i reach the goal people enrolled in the club get on ongoing tweak benefits and first crack at the spiffy Fluidsynth~ that seriously is [IMHO] a game changer for accompaniment and literally 1000s of sounds either specific moogs and full 128 sound Banks of really nice sounds for organelle~ anyhow thanks for all this i think there’s a bunch of fun stuff to come.

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Just pledged a monthly donation. I’m sorry it can’t be more at the moment - perhaps during the summer I can increase my donation as I’m hoping to take on a second job. You can probably guess what my feature request for pre-existent patches would be…

(midi clock on any of the following…
raime, bash_bastard, bassemu and bleepcontrol :))

i think bash_bastard is now blavatsky’s baby :slight_smile: but raime i thought already had midi?
bassemu is a good candidate i think

And thank you! i’m 1/10th of the way!


@Blavatsky is it possible for the bashabastardo to sync midi?
@shreeswifty Raime shows that it is receiving midi from a source on the organelle display but does not change BPM accordingly and keeps to the setting from the knob :frowning:
Bassemu would be so good synced up, tweaking at the melody as a drum machine plays alongside! :smiley:

i just checked BLeepcontrol that one is crazy, use tap tempo on aux to get it where you want it
i’ll look at the raime one

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what are a couple patches that have MIDI in , do you know? I can possibly chop it out of there and try to add

no. that’s why i asked in a different thread, some of these are gonna break if i don’t retrofit them like ones that have poisson randomization might be in time with midi but sound all weird.
What’s the best MIDI controllable organelle patch?

i can haz tap tempo! haha rad cheers man

i forgot i put that in there

@blavatsky another version of bashfest worked fine with midi sync i believe, but bash_bastard lost that capability. I’ve managed to put C&G’s master_metronome patch into @shreeswifty 's morphagene patch as I mention here:

I think that the master_metronome patch is a proven concept, it allows knobs to adjust tempo as long as it isn’t receiving anything via midi.
All I did with morphagene was break the link between the bpm number box and one of the knob inputs, then stick a send object in master_metronome and a receive object in the main.pd linked to the aforementioned bpm number box.

and that worked for midi sync for it?

Try this for bashfest_Bastard

its just main.pd - let me know if that works. I got it working with my roland MV8800 as the MIDI sync

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