@shreeswifty @ Critter & Guitari = more patches

Patrick (aka @shreeswifty) has been creating and porting patches for a few months, and now Critter & Guitari is excited to have him on board to continue this work in a more formal way.

One of Patrick’s areas of interest is in extending Pd on the Organelle with more processing objects. Over the years many people have created a giant collection of objects for processing sound inside Pd. Making some of these objects work on a new system like the Organelle takes time and patience, and we are thrilled that they will find a home in the Organelle inside new synthesizer and effect patches.


Awesome! Does that mean that his work being done through Patreon will make its way to C&G? Or will we still need to do Patreon if we want some of his extra special patches? Kudos to C&G for rewarding @shreeswifty’s great work by bringing him on board!


Awesome news, congratulations to both! :slight_smile:

Great news for everyone

Congrats to the Organelle God!

I am overjoyed to be working with C&G for this awesome sound design/composition/effect tool!

This is going to be fun.


:smiley: so much love for this! totally congrats to both!

Nice stuff! Keep it up people…

Yes, it means that it’s coming onto C&G
I am going to be organizing and making things more clear and organized like the c&g patches.
We are going to indulge the FluidSynth~ research and we’ll be bringing you a 14 Preset ARP 2600 patch that sound so good already i don’t want to spoil it but it’s coming with all the rest of the stuff and we’re going to have fun


Shreeswifty’s patches have been a huge asset and have provided me with hours of entertainment. The organelle is a fantastic instrument. Really excited to see what comes next and thanks for everything so far! Any chance you might produce some patches for the ETC?


I think that’s a python environment right?

Yeah, ETC is Python based, running PyGame graphics engine.

oh that’s awesome pyGame is awesome fun. I used it when i was researching PyBeat

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I used my ETC live for the first time last week- it’s fantastic! I just tried this patch out this morning, should be incredibly useful for ETC: https://patchstorage.com/ccquencer/

Big news. So good to see you guys working actively with the community - inspiring stuff. I’ve had a lot of fun messing about with Patrick’s patches - some of his more abstract granular stuff has thrown up some crazy sounds. Really looking forward to seeing how the fluid synth project develops too. Exciting times ahead for the organelle community :raised_hands:t3:


This is just outstanding news. When hardware vendors make a commitment to the ongoing development of content for their platforms, the entire community benefits. And you couldn’t support a better guy than Señor Swifty. Well done and thank you.


Excellent news! Shreeswifty’s patches creatively push the possibilities of the Organelle, making it an invaluable sound design/composition/effect tool that just keeps giving - thank you Patrick. Refreshing to see a company working closely with their community and recognising & rewarding Patrick for his great work - congratulations!

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