Backing up Eyesy

Hey all! Thanks so much for everyone’s help over the past couple weeks! Ive been able to make some pretty rad programs for the Eyesy that run in sync with our set via midi! Now I’m wanting to alter some of the patches today but would like to make a back up of everything on the SD card I have now. Once I have that I was planning to flash those programs onto a new SD card and then alter the patches on the new SD. I just thought I’d check first with all of you experienced users and ask what is the SAFEST way to do this? I really don’t wanna mess up and accidentally wipe the SD after putting in 200+ hours of work building all these custom patches / saving scenes to correlate with the correct midi pc and Cc values etc….


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You can download individual files, or zipped folders/files from the EYESY’s web Editor. You can upload them to your new SD and unzip (if required).