EYESY + MPD / ableton MIDI help!

hey everyone!

i’m an eyesy newbie, enjoying it very much and got the audio running nicely and making lots of cool visuals. however, i can’t seem to get the midi working :confused: any help much appreciated! (…yes i’ve read the manual :sweat_smile:)

i’m using ableton with an MPD226 midi controller, running through a clarett pre 2 interface. i have the audio from the interface running into the eyesy and working well. however i’m getting nothing from the midi as far as i can tell. i was hoping to be able to scroll through my scenes, switch the persist toggle on/off and control a couple of the knobs via midi/the MPD. at the moment i have a midi cable going from the interface, although i also tried directly from the MPD also to no response.

i presume i’m not setting something up correctly? if anybody knows/could walk me through the correct settings practically and in ableton that would be much appreciated! i’ve only used midi in fairly basic ways before, so possibly i’m just overlooking something obvious/simple!

ok, so i actually did have everything set up correctly but seems i had the wrong midi cable type! i thought it was type A but apparently not, oops :man_facepalming:

everything working perfectly now! :sweat_smile: