Just got an Eyesy!

Hey, everybody!

…haven’t been to this forum for some time. I’m a happy Organelle owner/user and just got my Eyesy in the mail!

Are there any other resources I’m missing outside of Patchstorage?

Also… having looked at the manual, I’m not seeing anything with regard to loading static images.

In the demo video you can see a bunch of Eyesys piling up, and I want to do similar things.

I’ll be back to post a video with Eyesy running through the waaave_pool by Andrei Jay in the coming days!

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Congrats on getting an Eyesy!

Images are typically uploaded into an “Image” folder within your patch folder. Check the stock patches with “img” in the name to see how they work.

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Ah, yes. That makes sense. Thank you!

@PlumWrinkles !! my fellow tracker, vserpi, Elektronaut! My eyesy will be here in a few days, how are you liking yours so far?

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it’s definitely a cool little box! I’ve yet to sequence it with Octatrack but that’s on the experiments list. Automated video magic is going to be very very cool.

everything is pretty straight forward and simple, and I know it’s going to play well with my other video synths.

I look forward to its growth within the community much the same as Organelle has been ever-evolving.

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