Backing up & organizing the organelle

Finally moving over to SD card and rethinking how I will organize (and back up) my patches.
Anyone have tips on the best way to back up in such a way where you don’t have to reinstall everything from zop/zip files (i.e. more of a drag and drop solution - with the exception of things that need to be “installed” such as orac and FluidSynth for example)

I’m also thinking it might be useful to have a way of reorganizing folders (on the SD card storage) - currently I’m not finding a way to do this in the patch manager via wifi. Also should mention I’m without HD monitor/mouse, using Mac OSX. Maybe there is no way to easily do this. I did see a thread where 3rd party tools were used to move things around but in the end @thetechnobear recommended against this and I tend to trust his advice :smiley:

When i download the patches/modes/files whatever i save them into a folder called ‘organelle’ containing the same file structure as my organelle, so if it all goes tits up later i can just .zip the whole thing, send it to a new sd - then unzip


That’s a rly good idea. Thanks v much for this!
And I suppose for backing up presets that you make on the organelle (whether built into a patch or “saved new”) you can just reverse the process, zip them in the web manager, and then download them back to replace the ones in your backup ‘organelle’ folder.

Not tried! (I don’t really use presets that much) but im sure you could :slight_smile:

yeah, the patch manager could do with a ‘move’ option.

ok, I only recommended against macOS tools that read/write the sdcard directly… (so a particular tool)

if you have wifi then can use lots of different ‘remote file tool’,
I use Forklift, works a treat :slight_smile:

the nice thing about these, is they can also help you with the backup solution too, as many provide a way to synchronise a folder on your desktop with the patches folder on your organelle…
(so you just tell it to ‘re-sync’ regularly)

I will say , these days I don’t bother backing up, as its constant maintenance effort, and never had an sdcard fail, so id probably just build it again, if it happened.
(development code is being backed up in other ways :slight_smile: )

if your doing performances with the Organelle, then obviously that’s a bit different…

if I was doing that, then what I would do is actually back the whole sdcard up, and probably keep it also on another sdcard.
this backups the whole OS/patches everything, even installs like fluidsynth, so you know it will work 100% when you switch to it!

this is ‘common practice’ on raspberry pi’s so that’s a source of info e.g.

note: this is not a quick process, as your backing up 8gb, but its foolproof :slight_smile:

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ty! when trying to connect with Forklift - what’s the protocol, server, (I’m assuming username: root, and password: organelle)
edit: Ah my bad - I was already there using Protocol: SFTP and Server: organelle.local - just didn’t realize you had to navigate out of “root” by clicking on “organelle.local” at the top :smiley:
Thx again!

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