Some simple questions

  1. How do I remove the SD Card?

  2. How do I get the Organelle to respond to MIDI clock? Not even program change just trying to get it synced up with my Circuit / Elektron boxes.

  3. When I move patches to the SD Card from the USB Drive (in the local file directory via wifi), they don’t actually go there. Or perhaps they do but don’t appear on the SD card when I remove the USB drive from the slot on the Organelle. How do I properly move data and/or patches to/from the SD Card?

  4. How do you backup your device?

  5. I see a thread about cases/transportation, do you have any other recommendations as far as a bag/case goes for the Organelle M?

You can use a paper clip or similar small object to press on the SD card so that it pops out. When you re insert it, use care that it doesn’t fall into the device. Also, you shouldn’t need to remove the SD card for normal operation, really only for burning a new OS update or restoring the Organelle to original factory state.

This depends on the patch, but many will lock onto MIDI clock automatically. Try the Arpeggio Synthesizer patch for example. It should also indicate on the screen that MIDI clock is being used.

If you have a USB drive inserted, you should be able to see the contents in the WiFi file browser (press the USB button on the top left). To copy files from USB to SD: select some files or folders on the USB, press copy, then move to the SD card (by pressing the SD card button on top left). Is this what you did? The files are not listed in the SD card? (also remember that for anything to show up in the Organelle menu it must be in the Patches folder)

There are several ways to do this. You could copy important patches to a USB drive, or zip up and copy the whole Patches folder from the SD card to USB drive (select the Patches folder in the WiFi file manager and press the zip button). Alternatively you could download the zipped patches. You can do a full backup by popping out the SD and duplicating it.

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Thank you very much for the info.

I did in fact do that with the SD card. The directory showed online in the directory, but not on the actual device’s menu. Perhaps I should just put them in the “Organelle-patches-master” as you say.

I’m not sure why, but I always experienced a slight offset with the sync in Arpeggio Synth, Arpeggio Synth Seq3 however locked in perfectly, just wanted to say, in case you experience same thing :slight_smile:
Also, curious, which Elektron instruments you’re using. I have Analog 4 and find it and the Organelle are a great compliment to one another!

Well now something’s really wrong. I’ve been using a 9V power supply but now it won’t even turn on. I just get the white aux button light and a blank black screen. I’m trying to reinsert the SD card but I can’t even get it out. It also has fresh batteries in it.

All I see when I try to turn the Organelle on is the white color aux button and a blank screen. I can’t seem to remove the SD card to reinsert no matter how hard I try.

Organelle is in a vegetative state right now. I’ve tried both batteries and power supply, any time I turn it on it’s just blank…

It sounds like the SD card has been disconnected from the Organelle but not fully ejected. At this time the Organelle does not have access to its OS (stored on SD) so that’s why the screen is blank, etc.

Which tool are you using to eject the SD card? You just gently push straight in with a paperclip or similar, and then it will spring out.

I’ve used a paperclip, a guitar pick, my thumb nail, a dime, no matter what I do it will not come out. It isn’t falling inside so I guess that’s a good thing, but it will not eject.

Sorry to hear it got stuck. I will send a DM shortly.

Same here, i just received a new organelle, i tried to eject the sd card but don’t want to eject fully too :confused: