Battery/USB to 9V

Happy Friday Organelle Friends!

Was wondering, anybody now a good sized Power Bank that can serve as a base to sit the Organelle on when out and about? Also a good cable to go from 5V to 9V?

I’m more worried about a good cable, I’ve never fried any gear and I’d hate my precious organelle to be a painful first.

Also, Since I’m asking questions:
Anyone know the keyboard and mouse combo used in the C&G Organelle video? I really like the minimal look and they appear to be working off the same dongle.
Thanks again to anyone who takes the time!

I use these:

though, I think any thing will do

this battery lasts all day even if I have other things powered with it too.
(takes a while to charge if its empty though)

the converter, again, this is no special name, just something i was able to get cheaply/quickly.
(i wanted something with 2A output, but 1A is enough for an Organelle, and switchable for something else I have … in retrospect id go for a non-switching one, as Im paranoid I’ll accidentally switch it to 12v one day :wink: )

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@thetechnobear Yeah I forgot to mention if the amperage would affect anything as well so it’s good to know 1A is enough to work with.
I completely understand about the switch, that Kuncan is exactly the one I was looking at and wondered the same thing since the brand is unrecognizable. I’ll probably just tape the switch over.
Thanks for the help! Good to know that cable will work just fine!

YES! I want to know this as well! Have been looking for a long time to get a nice small keyboard/mouse combo for the Organelle. This looks perfect.

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I ended up going with this one:

Pretty spot on I think.