New and wondering about capabilities

Hi all,

Just received my Eyesy today and got it up and running. Over the week I’ve been anticipating its arrival I have been thinking up ideas for it. I’ve read a bit and have some coding knowledge but wanted to throw my idea out there for advice. Has anyone used the eyesy to load a background image and a few sprites (3-4 small ones) and have the sprites react to MIDI and/or audio triggers? Any pointers to modes I could start from? Looking forward to embracing this device and community and appreciate any input.


Well, to answer my own question, I wrote a simple mode that loads over a dozen images, most of which are controlled by MIDI messages, and it runs fine on the Eyesy!

It’s probably not the type of content typically found in a synth forum, just a video commemorating my family’s recent trip cross country but was fun to make. Looking forward to making some more “synthy” modes in the future.


Also, to give proper credit, the music is our cover of the kids’ song We Are The Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner.

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Great to see the Eyesy being used in a totally different way.