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Hello ,
I,m not own organelle yet . Could organelle be use as multitrack audio recorder? (of course - two inputs simultaneoulsy records , multitrack playback) . I haven,t any other studio equipments (except audio interfaces- tascamUS2x2, one instrument mic , usb-midi keyboard controller, older laptop running debian buster-lxde…)
Could Organelle substitute any “bedroom DAW setup” in terms of multitrack (8tracks) audio and midi editing capabilities ? …I know , I am demanding to Organelle… :slight_smile:


there are 4 track recorders, not sure if there are any 8 track
however, technically Id say its possible on the newer organelle-m , as it has more memory - but would need to test to see if sdcard read/write is fast enough.
(organelle-1 might struggle on memory, not sure)

generally, sample playback is not that cpu insensitive

theres probably not much available for traditional midi sequencing, though there are lots of sequencers.

probably the limiting factor within anything that gets more complex, is the screen size and only a few controls - depending upon patch, you can of course supplement that with midi control.

you’re going to (i suspect) find limited editing capabilities … so its going to be more like a traditional multitrack/sequencer than a daw.

that said, on the organelle-m , if you have the skills, you could install a daw that runs on a rPI on the organelle-m … connect a monitor and keyboard/mouse - not sure how you would fare though … even an older laptop is likely more powerful than a rPI :wink:

so really depends, its not really designed for this… its designed as a flexible hardware instrument…
but could someone make it work for them? perhaps if they are very creative :wink:

probably you are better to use your old laptop, or perhaps look at raspberryPI 4,
then use an Organelle to supplement them :slight_smile:

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Hey there, check this patch out!

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thank for your quickly reply,
I mean - main problem in audio production/processing… is latency . It isn,t about hardware power ( i had solid desktop machine - windows 10 running.(with various system tuning for audio) … and in terms of audio this machine barely pursued … Problem is in OS - I mean…and I haven,t painfully demands on him… In this terms I,m finding some “dawless” setup ,or instrument… I know about your shareing in other project , but… this is organelle place :slight_smile:

thank again

sorry, im not quite sure what you’re asking? latency times?

iirc, the organelle is using a 10ms buffer on pure data, which is conservative, as C&G don’t want users to have to change the buffer size depending on patch complexity.

the main ‘issue’ ,as i said, with using as a ‘bedroom daw’, is its not as powerful as desktop/laptop, and doesn’t have that much of a UI - thats not what’s its designed for, we have laptops for that :wink: … and besides you have a audio pc for that, its not going to surpass that.
(the tech specs are on the C&G websites… if your interested in ram/cpu specs)

BUT it could be useful in a hardware setup, where you don’t want a computer - and say want a sequencer or to record audio.

I asked about ability of organelle to store tracks, overdubbing it , playing simultaneously more (then two) tracks…

…I could export tracks into laptop Audacity for next editing… but for realtime playing is organelle much better than any other (even the best) computer setup…

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Thanks, I noticed your patch too…

Not my patch just one I know about, don’t want to take credit for that cool thing!