Best bassline patches

Hey i’m kind of noticing a shortage of bassline patches. I’m specifically speaking of patches that are MIDI synced and where you can punch in basslines and they are tightly synced. Maybe a batch of all the patches from the Bolsa Bass would be a useful new Batch Patch.

Which voices from bolsa bass are you after? A lot of them are already out the organelle I think. Just transpose your note input to lower registers. Analog Style, Rampi, Additive Synth, Basic Poly, Randomlog off the top of my head. That’s just c&g patches. There is a minimoog clone out there somewhere, glassfm, Juno-104…

If you want an integrated, quantised sequencer - try Orac out.

i never had a Bolsa Bass, but i remember watching videos where basslines were punched in and they were tightly synced to MIDI.
Orac is really the only one that syncs tightly. Analog style, Basic Poly, Additive synth all rely on you punching out of record mode at the perfect time to get a perfect loop, know what i mean?

Rampi isn’t really what i’m seeking either…

It would be easier to be helpful if you made it clearer what you’re after! The bolsa bass voices are already on organelle, minus the filter mode I think. What sound do you need?
So, orac fits the bill or no? It also has the same bolsa bass voices as the regular c&g patches.

This is in beta, but all patches will include a sequencer that behaves like the bolsa bass’. by quantizing the length starting the sequence at the closest downbeat and syncing to ticks. Here are 4 patches that are using this new sequencer.

U can get some cool bass sounds with the additive synth in this suite.


Hi Wannop! I should have been more clear. I want to tap in specific, interesting basslines and have them automatically be synced up super tight. The Orac bassline is actually working out really dope after spending more time with it, it just does some bizarre things based on settings, which sometimes doesn’t get the type of results i’m looking for immediately, but instead does some really cool things accidentally which I love too.
thanks for your input!


Holy smokes, this is amazing, thanks for doing this, i’m downloading right now and will check out the updated patches today, THANK YOU!!!

Critter and Guitari team made the patch

Thanks @TonyLB!

@Bassick, there’s more information about this sequencer here:

oops, thanks TonyLB!

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I think an input quantization adjustment selection would be tight. Literally. I can’t tell if i’m not being tight enough on some of my notes, but it seems like it’s a little sloppy after the loop starts repeating, but i’m still playing around.

i mean specifically note input quantization.

@Bassick OK.

Please keep all your posts about the sequencer on the main thread:

I think the devil is working this quantisation into a patch without adding extra pages or menu items, keeping it intuitive. Plus, making sure the step number allows for interesting rhythmic expressions (loose timing) without making the sequence sound too robotic or limiting. Using the flashing led helps in terms of timing. Also, if you are trying to keep in time with another piece of gear, try using it like a metronome for your sequence recording. I might be suggesting things you are already doing though. Do you feel like the sequencer favours adding one more step than you need, or one less?