How do i set bpm in patches like analog style

Dear c&c forum, i see there is a bpm function in the bottom line of the analog style patch. I know this section is controlled with the aux button (as the manual sais) but how do i change the bpm setting as pressing aux only gets me to the sequencer stuff. btw is there a ways besides using an external sequencer to quantize? if not is there any rather cheap sequencers that goes well with the organelle that you can suggest?

The tempo you see there is only used for quantizing the sequence length - there are no parameters within the Analog Style patch that utilize tempo.
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Thank you very much. So is there a way i can quantize my sequenzes in lets say one of the arp patches without an external midi device? Sorry if you already answered that im not reall fluent in EDM-lingo :sweat_smile: