BETA TEST: munger~

Granular synthesizer from Dan Trueman, adapted in 2007 by ivica bukvic
re-compiled and prepared for organelle by patrick pagano.

testing to see if declare works for .so files (1.6 MB)

you feed it a live audio stream
Aux turns the granulator on/off
the knobs currently do not print but
1 = tempo of grains
2/3 grain amount
4 blend

first couple of buttons set scaling functions
Ivica’s white paper is in the folder for a history lesson

gosh i hope it works!


i’m sorry to say that i think the answer is no. i pressed aux and turned all the knobs a lot and the audio stream didn’t change. only knob 4 is changing the volume.

same here ;-(

i knew it but in the spirit of open source development i tried

if you are interested, this will install the research libraries for munger~

1.) Place patch on USB [please do not rename it]
2.) Click AUX and then Reboot when it completes

then you can run

I am going to be changing it up and it’s a BETA
if folks who try can give feedback i would be grateful


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okay, i got that working okay. it’s a cool effect. it seems quite an extreme effect (after just a little play around) so i don’t know if there’s a way to make the settings go from subtle to extreme. perhaps a larger grain option? or something.

Hi Andy

This was/is about getting the libraries to actually work
I’ll appreciate your feedback when the patch is fleshed out [this as you can see does not even have a functioning menu yet] There are about 10 different parameters i “locked down” for the sake of testing but now that they actually work :slight_smile:

try this one too

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oh yes! it’s very nice! i especially like the gentler but complex marimba type sounds you can get by pushing the low notes on the keyboard.

one thing though, page 4 should come with a warning. it’s very easy to get some awful shrill piercing feedback with certain settings. that delay is deadly!

… and i’m really excited about “PLUNK” if you get time to do that!

yes for sure!
these are both really just tests i made to test that the libs are installing properly.
Ideally the declare -path would handle that but it does not work with .so files
It DOES work with specific libs like FFtease & LyonPotpourri but these want to be IN your /usr/lib
i have one more “” that i am preparing before i start the adaptation of these two important sets of externals by Davide Rochesso, Zack Settel * Ivica Bukvic, Luke Dubois and Dan Trueman.

Plunk is going to feature a generative sequencer by Kyle Werle, our resident MIDI/AI interface Wizzo and will be available in March. There will also be full featured versions specifically made for the pisound because we get a little more processing overhead with the raspi. For example i reduced the fluidflow~ “bubbles” down to 16 or 32 BPS [Bubbles per second ha!] but the suggested amount is 256 and the organelle locks up with that many streams o fluid

if you read up on dynamic library loading, and specifically rpath - you will learn how to build things that do not require so’s to be in /usr/lib (or anywhere else hardcoded)

don’t believe me? look at my brds external, you will see it quite happily picks up my so libraries from the patch directory , this is because I set the rpath correctly when i built it.

That’s nice. I’ll put rpath on my todo list!



here’s an updated installer

fluidflow~ ANDthe munger~ are betas and the whole sets are being designed presently