Bolsa Bass as Sound Module Midi triggering issue

Hello. I recently purchased a Bolsa Bass . My intention is (was) to use it as a sound module for my Industrial Radio Midi Bass, which is a bass guitar midi controller, which also puts out Audio from its magnetic pickups. I have other synth modules, such as Moog Minitaur, and Waldorf Blofeld, as comparative references. In any case, I have a problem with the Bolsa bass… my midi output from the IRMidibass has no effect on the output of audible midi signals emanating from the Bolsa… it is always “on”. Therefore, I can’t solely output audio from the Mag pickups from the bass; Also, I can’t sequence a pattern, and have it repeat, while using either mag or midi outputs to play over the sequence without affecting the sequenced pattern, which drops out when the IrM Bass is being played. this renders it unsuitable as a performance tool for my purposes. there is also a considerable “lag”, or audible midi afterimage of the triggered note, despite the midi contact being released. Is this the normal functioning of the Bolsa? if so, is there a way I could get it to cease emitting midi audio output when I have the midi volume turned off at the controller, the IRMidi bass? thanks for your interest,


Thank you for getting a Bolsa Bass! The Bolsa Bass is behaving as it should and your concerns are covered in the manual:

The BB only responds to MIDI Note On/Off and Start/Stop messages in addition to MIDI clock. All other MIDI messages are ignored.

The ‘after image’ is probably the result of playing a note/sending a MIDI note for a ‘long’ time. From the manual:

The keys are aware of how long they are pressed. When tapped quickly, the note will release quickly giving more of a percussive sound. If the key is held for longer, the note releases slowly.

The Bolsa Bass is monophonic, so playing a new note will mute a looping sequence. Releasing that note will unmute the sequence and it will play the next note in the sequence.

For more information, please see the manual.