Bolsa bass into korg volca beats, correctly?

Hey party peeps,
I’m having a hard time figuring out what I’m doing wrong.

Goal: Start my chain (and tempo) with the bolsa bass, fed into a korg volca beats, then into an external speaker.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Bolsa bass with mono line fed into korg volca ‘sync in’.
    Result, no bolsa bass sound and the clock is totally off.

  2. Bolsa bass midi out into korg volca midi in; turns the bolsa into a controller for the drum kit.

Having a really hard time figuring out how to get them to talk to each other properly and could really use some help.
For some context, here is the owners manual for the volca where it explains the different midi settings available, but I new to this so it’s difficult for me to grasp:

Thank you guys for the time and all the great content so far. Long time lurker here

This is to be expected. The Bolsa Bass 1/4" jack is for audio only.

So you don’t want the BB’s MIDI notes to trigger the Volca Beat’s drums? You could set the the BB & Volca to different MIDI Channels. The Bolsa Bass sends and receives MIDI notes on CH 1 by default. To change send & receive channel (1-16), hold down corresponding key during power up. The lowest note on the keyboard is CH 1, the highest note is CH 16.

thanks a million for the response.
Sorry for the follow up, I’m still new at this.

For the first point, would you suggest having an intermediary between the BB and the volca? What could be used here?
I’m thinking about getting an amp (similar to their TERZ), if I plug in the BB to the volca, then out into a 1/4 amp, would the sound work there?

More importantly for the second question,
You are correct, I don’t want the BB to trigger drums, ONLY communicate sound and timing. If there is a better set up you can guide me on, Im super open to it. I love CC and spent a lot of time with their products on a independent level but really excited to get them to talk to each other,

Should I set the midi channel past the number of keys on the volca? I’m really confused on this point?
Also, thank you so much for the help thus far. I love finding pockets of kindness on the internet.
high fives from berlin

Do as @chrisk said and you will be fine.

You can not feed audio from the Bolsa Bass to the Volca Beats. The Volca beats has no ‘audio in’ jack. The ‘sync’ jack is for connecting other Volcas, Pocket Operators, etc.

You need a mixer, audio interface or any device that can mix two or more signals and send them to one output.

Use a midi cable to sync them. Set the volca beats to a different midi channel. Any different midi channel. See the volca manual for details.

I would recommend re-reading the manuals for both devices. After that, finding an answer should be simple. :slight_smile:

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