Brand new Organelle sounds like there's moving bits inside

Hi All, just got my first Organelle and I was so excited… until I’ve realised that it makes a noise when shaking it, like there was something broken and moving inside. Hear a recording here.

The device works nicely and I don’t want to open it to risk losing the warranty. What do you reckon? Thanks!


I have that too and i figured it was just the sound of the wooden keys kinda moving around in the enclosure?


Definitely the wooden buttons, you’re all good


sample it and re - use it for a song :slight_smile:
As @FiFac said, it’s only the sound of the wooden keys


I thought the same when my organelle came. Is just the beautiful wooden keboard. Relax and enjoy!

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Yep, same here - I thought there was something loose inside when I first got mine, but it’s definitely just the wooden keys!