Sticky / Repeating keys on Organelle after sitting for awhile

hey guys sorry to make a new topic did not see one exactly like this situation

I’m getting very inconsistent key response on the Organelle on at least 25% of the keys. Basically I have to either press down extra hard or hit it repeatedly to get it to trigger. On these and a few other it also seems to be doing a roll/repeat (ie behaving as if key is struck repeatedly) as I hold down a chord.

Maybe its just dust on the contacts? Kind of bummed because I was about to integrate it in a looper pedal setup but if it’s inconsistent its not going to work. Does this sound like a compressed air/ take apart and clean deal, or should I contact C&G?

Note: the organelle has sat for several months without play, worked 100% before that time

when did you acquire the Organelle? did you see this:

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its the oddest thing, I played it a bunch last night and it seems 90% better now. Thank you for this link if it acts up again I will contact C&G

@Blavatsky mine is acting inconsistent with the keys as well. For me the biggest issue seems to be notes re-triggering when releasing keys. Just curious if you experienced this as well as the other issues you mentioned. Chris and Owen are good ppl they will take care of it, however I’d suggest sending an email even if yours is 90% better bc it sounds like you have a problematic unit. If you can, send a short video demonstrating the problem (this will save you one step in the process). Also thanks for the cool patches - I have a few or yours :smiley:

Glad u are using my patches! Yes you are correct it is still doing a re-trigger on release which is making finger drumming annoying. Will plan on contacting for repairs thanks for the info.

@oweno - I’m still experiencing problems with my keyboard.
I had an email going with Chris but I think it may have fallen through the cracks.
Any suggestions on how I might be able to work with you guys towards a solution?