Can the Organelle replace loop stations?

Hi! I am very close to purchasing an Organelle, but there is one question I am unsure of. Would the Organelle provide the same / similar functionality to what the Boss RC-202 or the RC-505 provides? I know the Organelle can do much, much more, but could it also serve as a multitrack loop station, allowing me to record multiple tracks with overdubbing? If there are patches that allow for this, would these patches be able to be used in series / parallel using ORAC so that I can loop / overdub whilst also applying audio effects et cetera?

Thanks, hoping this question was clear enough!

The Organelle has some nice samplers, but as far as I know, no real live loopers like the ones you mention.
But I’d be very happy to be proven wrong, if anybody has found/made a good patch for live looping?