Can you recommend me some basic pd patches to create for the organelle please

Hi there, new owner of an Organelle here. :slight_smile: I’ve been toying/playing around with pd over the years and have followed various youtube tutorials. I’d like to start creating my own patches now, but I feel there’s a bit of a leap in complexity from basic tutorials and then looking at how some of the patches for Organelle are made.

For those who have picked up an organelle without already knowing how to use pd, what helped you wrap your head around things effectively?

I’m particuarly interested in sampling and manipulating recordings. Can anyone suggest some baby steps in this area of patching please?

Maybe some simple effects processing too.


This is the best pd-tutorial with examples for Novices to get their hands dirty.
You can hop around build upon and develop a strong foundation in one of the worlds most powerful, mature audio tools ever.


This is a good video series on Pd that you might have run across.

For Pd on the Organelle, I’d take a look at a simple patch like Basic Poly to get started.

We are also working on some tutorial videos of our own about Pd patching on the Organelle, so stay tuned.

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thank you for your help!