Pd for C&G Organelle - Tutorial Video

I think there is probably a great demand for a single (or ideally, serialized) video tutorial on programming in pure data in a way specific to the organelle.

I have followed a tutorial online and created a very basic synth in the PD environment - and following other tutorials i could probably learn to add new elements, effects and controls to create a more interesting sound. However, I would not have a clue how to make these controllable with the organelle and I know I’m not alone in the feeling of frustration in knowing that there is so much potential being left unexplored and unfulfilled because most of us enjoy playing with the patches we have already rather than reading manuals online.

I’m sure C&G have already thought of this and you may even already be working on it but it would definitely give the already great buzz about this device a massive boost if you could lure people into the idea that programming for it really isn’t as complicated as we think. Your videos are always very good at illustrating complicated ideas in a user friendly way.

Perhaps other people could help me in describing some topics which would be useful in a potential ‘How to program PD for the organelle’ video?


This would be great, I’ve watched tutorials but as you’ve said I don’t really know how to make things work specifically for the organelle.

I also thought that woud be great to have a specific guide in how to adapt patches to the Organelle.
Great idea Wannop!!!

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Agreed! Great idea Wannop!

But is easy to ask for.
Lets see if a good samaritan gives us this present!

This would be huge. Really hoping to dig in to PD over the winter but feel a bit overwhelmed on where to start.

Donnie has some very useful stuff here:

Perhaps a good start in ato explain potential “How to program PD for the organelle video” would be how to adapt patches already done for the Organelle.
How to adapt any patch to the organelle enviroment would be.
I like Wannop sugestion of making a list of topics that a tutorial video should go through,

Is there any life in this idea @oweno and @chrisk? As anttumad said in this topic, it’s easy to ask for and lots of work to actually produce - can you see it being a possibility at some point? You could even charge for the video/s - through something like patreon. I’d pay!

I really believe that this would be a great idea and would help a lot of people to adapt other patches and get patchstorage filled up with much more organelle stuff… not sure why C+G themselves haven’t shot a tutorial like that themselves yet.

Crucial topics that I could think of is how to load and connect existing patches with the mother patch, how to set up multiple pages, how to establish mappings with other connected midicontrollers, (e.g. to get some harmonic osc mapping with something like the Doepfer pocket fader, etc.).

I feel like I really need to sit down and invest some time to get going with PD and my organelle, a lot of the provided patches are nice but being more independent from what other and C+G share would be great. The form factor of the Organelle is really good, I like the sound as well but I feel like I do not use it enough at the moment.