Can't connect to 'organellem.local'

I have a used organelle. I’m following the instructions to connect to wifi in AP mode. I’m able to connect to the organelle network on my laptop, but when I try to go to http://organellem.local/, it says “the site can’t be reached”

I also notice that in the WIFI setup screen, the organelle says “connected to AP mode” when according to the manual it should say “connected to Organelle”

Any advice?

Are you running the latest firmware? I ran into that until I updated to the latest.

Hmm I’m not sure how do you do that?

Did you start the Web Server in the WiFi Menu? This is required to access the Patch Manager.

Got it to work! I was able to access the local AP network on my phone for some reason. now I’m hooked up to my own WiFi and everything is working. Thanks


Critter & Guitari (

But if you’ve got it working now, I wouldn’t mess with it!! :slight_smile: Unless you have a spare SD card and wanted to swap.

My motto is “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, unless you’ve got a lot of time to waste.” :slight_smile: