Access wifi

Im trying to connect my organelle to my laptop via wifi. Eventually, I hope to connect so I can access cool new patches and swap out some of these pre-installed wav. file samples with personalize them with my own wav. files

I went thru the steps in the manual to connect wifi. Multiple problems evey step of the way. Even when I think I’m almost to the finish line, I get “Problem loading page” “unable to connect”.

I’ve done these steps over and over:

turn on laptop.
turn on organelle.
In organelle menu>Settings>wifi setup>Start ap
okay so far so good…

organelle menu reads:

Connected Ap mode.

  • music
    Start Web server
    Stop AP
    Start VNC
    Turn wifi off

next I go to my laptop network connection and select “organelle” > connect

it loads up for a few seconds. it reads: checking network requirements

my laptop says my organelle network is secured.
it also says No internet, secured.

I know nothing about wifi or computers, but I assume that is not a good configuration. Dont know what to do about it.

NEXT I go back to my organelle device and select>start Web server.

now my organelle device’s menu reads as follows:

Connected AP mode

  • music
    Stop Web server
    Stop AP
    Start VNC
    Turn Wifi Off

Assuming I am going through the steps properly
I move on to
open a private tab in mozilla firefox>type https://organellem.local/ into the browser

and whala!! Nothing happens

Unable to connect

I get an error occurred during a connection to organellem.local. Try again

Can someone walk me through these steps, as thoroughly as I’ve typed and guide me in plain English, please? I’m beating my head against the wall. I read all the threads on this topic and it’s got me nowhere.

Here are the Specs of my organelle M:

CPU 5%
USB Drive:
IP: not connected
Wifi Network:
not connected
Host Name:
VNC server:
Not Running
Patch Folder:
User Root:
Version 4.1

the wifi dongle for the organelle is;

Here is the specs of my Laptop:

Yoga 920 PC
Windows 10 home

Start web server qnd u have to type in the default ip in the browser
Http:// in my case

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If your computer is expecting a given WiFi network to connect to the “internet,” then it would be normal for your computer to say “No Internet” because the Organelle’s AP is not connected to anything but your computer and therefore your computer won’t be able to browse the web.

The ‘https://’ part of your address is probably causing the issue. Please try just organellem.local or the IP address found on the Info page.

Thanks this totally resolved it! lots of cool stuff to dig into! i just replaced the stock samples with my own. so much fun. thank you!

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