Can't mount sd-card to Macbook: "The disc you inserted was not readable by this computer."

Hey :slight_smile:

I just saw that in february there was a new OS released, version 4, which I want to install to my Organelle 1. I really need a newer version of PD, especially the clone object.

But first I want to make a copy of all my patches from the device. But when I take the sd-card out of Organelle and use an USB card reader to mount the sd-card on my Macbook 2012 running High Sierra, It does not show up i get an error:
"The disc you inserted was not readable by this computer."

It it normal that I can’t see the content of the sd-card from my Mac? Sd-card is pretty new and works fine when used in the Organelle.

This means I can not back up the patches from the sd-card to my hard drive before installing Organelle version 4.

I am a bit stuck atm.

I was thinking about maybe just installing the 0.49 PD updated the @thetechnobear posted here, but it just seems more logical to install Organelle OS 4, rather than just updating pd.

Any tips are appreciated!

It’s probably because the partition used by the Organelle uses the ext3 format (commonly used for Linux) and macOS cannot read / write to ext3 partitions out of the box (tho you can find some third party software that enables you to do it).

The easiest solution in my opinion would be to connect to the Organelle via sftp and use an FTP software to back up the files wirelessly.

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Ah yeah that might be the reason.

I might try looking for some third party app then.

And not very familiar with neither ftp or sftp, so not sure what to do there.

What would be even better:

  • Add a download button in the Organelle web browser, so we can also download data from the Organelle to computer, instead of only lettings us upload to the Organelle from the computer.

@oweno Is that something that you might consider adding?

This is possible already. From the manual:

Downloading a Patch: The Patch Manager supports downloading single files by pressing the download icon next to any file in the browser. To download an entire patch we must first zip into a single compressed file. Select the patch folder you wish to download and press Zip . This will create a .zip file of the same name that you can download.

(the download icon won’t show up next to folders b/c they are not downloadable in their unzipped state…)

Ahh yes I see some of the content is available for download. But only individual files, as you mention. Since the patches organised in folders, it’s a lot of work downloading each file of a patch individually.

I guess I need to find a work around then.

…then you will be able to download the zipped folder

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Ahhh So I zip it first and then download.

Thanks, got ya :slight_smile:

It seems like it will only transfer smaller zip files. I first transfered one zipped folder which was 4 mgb, that worked fine. But then I tried with a bigger zip, which is 130 mgb, and Organelle just disconnects from the network every time.


What app would you suggest for the FTP thing you talked about?

I would definitely suggest going down the FTP route instead of trying to get your mac to read/write to ext3. It’s a much simpler and safer solution imo.

I’m currently user an older version of ForkLift which still works fine for what I.
I’d suggest either ForkLift or Transmit. They’re both excellent and proper mac apps.
You could also accomplish the same thing with a free client such as Cyberduck.

PS: If you do decide to use FTP I’d also suggest limiting your actions to the usbdrive and sdcard folders.
You can access the entire system via FTP so I wouldn’t recommend messing around with other system folders if unsure of what you’re doing.

Thanks. I think I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

This update is turning into a bigger project than I expected.

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Okay so got it all working now. Awesome :slight_smile:

Setting up wifi was a breeze, a lot simpler than last time I tried :slight_smile:

Also it seems like the display resolution has been raised, it looks a lot better now, when doing screensharing from my Mac :slight_smile:

So all good, this is very promising :slight_smile:

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If you need to back up your files again, you can always copy to/from SD card to a USB drive connected to the Organelle using the web file manager.

Ah yes I thought about that too, but just went along and did it the hard way and copied every file by itself.

Will try that next time :slight_smile:

Hi, Can you explain how you did this please? Was it with a USB Wi-fi adapter?
I tried the same thing as you; to upgrade to OS 4.0, thinking it would be a relatively easy task (which I’m sure it is, for people who understand this kinda shit), but I’m finding the whole thing to be a bit of a nightmare…
Any help here would be really massively appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to do this.
Realised that a 4GB sd card wasn’t big enough, so tried with an 8GB one, brand new,…but I’m getting an error message when I drag the img file onto balena etcher saying the 8GB card isn’t big enough (?). Any help? Ideas?
I just want to update to OS 4.0 and make some music!