Captivating EYESY

I having issues with video capture. The NO output signal when a capture card is connected, I have tried several and the screen goes blank. Anyone else have this issue? It’s set to EYESY 720p 60Hz.

What is the make/model of your capture card? If your card can receive different formats, which format are you sending it? (Composite // HDMI?)
Have you connected all the cables between your computer, your capture card, and the EYESY before powering the EYESY on?

Hi Chrisk, The Eyesy was working perfectly up to a couple of weeks ago. The Eyesy works without the capture-card connected, yet the monitor goes into standby soon as it’s in circuit. I’ve tried both separately, and with new cables. The result is the same. I’m using HDMI 720p 60Hz. The capture card is a Zasluke 4k ultra HD USB 3. I have another generic CC that previously worked but not anymore. The cables are connected prior to switching on. Thanks G