My monitor does not detect Eyesy


I bought a video critter & guitari eyesy synthesizer in October, and have been using it since the beginning in HDMI with a screen as explained here:
“Let there be visuals!
Follow these steps to make your sound visual.
Connect EYESY’s HDMI® or Composite port to a monitor, beamer, video mixer, video capture device or other powered display.
Connect a 1/4” mono or stereo audio cable to the audio input port.
Plug the power adapter into a power outlet, then connect its plug to the 9VDC power port, the leftmost port on the back of EYESY.
Turn the power switch on. The status LED in the top row will light up bright green and then flash blue during start-up. Your connected screen will also display the start-up process.
Press the top row on-screen display button (its icon suggests a screen with writing at the bottom). Your screen should now display an overlay of information about the current system. You can press the button again to deactivate this display.
To turn audio into video, send audio from the connected device to the audio input using a 6.35mm audio cable. If you need to adjust the amplitude of the signal, you can increase the volume of your sound source and/or adjust the gain with the Shift button. See Chapter 2 for more information.
When you’ve had enough fun for now, slide the power switch to the Off position. Allow the Status LED to go out before unplugging the unit. "
I took a break for 1 month, it sat on my desk unused, and I can’t get the visual to appear on my screen, as if the video output was no longer working. I’ve run several tests and the problem is really with eyesy’s HDMI.

It has a detail that I wonder I do not see the blue flashing as said here "flash blue during boot up. "

But it’s green.

What should I do?

I also tried to read it from the Zoom application, as I had done previously with ultra studio recorder 3G, Blackmagic. But nothing appears. My screen is black and I can’t see the eyesy interface.

So I’m going to buy The Composite Out port but it’s really annoying because I have the video out which doesn’t work.

Please help me :slight_smile:

To clarify, is it just HDMI output not working and composite does work? or both not working? Also, was the device working previously then stopped working?

If you don’t see the LED flashing blue during power up that is a problem. It might be an issue with the SD card. Sometimes they come loose and pop out a little. You can try carefully pressing it with a paper clip to eject it and then re-insert it, it should click into place. Careful not to drop the card into the EYESY.